Dollhouse Books

I thought I’d share a list of some of my favorite books about dollhouses.
These books may be available at your local library, if not, try interlibrary loan. I've found quite a few interesting books through my online state library catalog.
You may also be able to find them for sale at or ABE books

If you’re interested in both dollhouses and history you’ll enjoy Mansions in Miniature, four centuries of Doll’s Houses by Leonie von Wilckens. It’s a good sized book, and has 252 pages, mostly pictures. Most of the pictures are black and white, but they’re big and it’s easy to see the tiny details.
Published 1980.

The Vivien Greene Dolls' House Collection, by Vivian Greene with Margaret Towner is full of gorgeous color pictures of Vivien Green's personal dollhouse collection. Ms.Greene has been described as "the undisputed authority on English dolls' houses of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries". Published 1995.

The Collector's Guide to Dollhouses and Miniatures byMarian Maeve O'Brien is full of information and pictures of old dollhouses. Some of the pictures are in color. The picture quality isn't as good as in the previous books listed, but they're still nice to look at, and there's a section devoted to furniture. Published 1974.

The Ultimate Doll's House Book, by Faith Eaton is full of big colorful pictures, though not as thick as the other books listed above, only 143 pages. In addition it has a section about the Playmobile dollhouse, a Japanese dollhouse, a Tibetan dollhouse, and a Guyanese one too. Published 1994.

Decorative Dollhouses, by Caroline Hamilton,also about 143 pages has wonderful color photos of over 25 dollhouses,many designed by the author. There's quite a bit of helpful information about how she designed and built her houses and quite a few miniatures tips. Published 1990.

The Decorated Doll House How to design and create miniature interiors by Jessica Ridley, helps you do just what the subtitle says. It's full of big beautiful pictures of miniature rooms and packed full of instructions like, how to make a patchwork quilt, making modern kitchen cabinets using styrene sheets and thatching a cottage roof with mop heads. Published 1990.

The New Dolls' House Do-It-Yourself Book, by Venus and Martin Dodge, is full of instructions and plans for dollhouses and furniture, plus other tips. This book has been reprinted many times. I got my copy at a craft shop that had a miniatures department.

Dollhouse Decorating, by Nick Fordner is a bit on the skinny side, only 79 pages, but it does have nice pictures, all in color. It illustrates 12 miniature interiors, which include an Egyptian bedroom, a Swedish Gustavian bedroom, a Mackintosh bedroom, a Bauhaus room and a Santa Fe store. Published 1994.


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  4. There's some of the most beauitful items on this site and i can't wait to start my own house, i don't have a little girl but, I'm one at heart.

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    I just ordered the Hamilton book from Amazon. My library has had it for a long time but I haven't seen it lately. Methinks they sold it at one of the library sales and I missed it. :(