My mother's little kitchen

Last year I wrote a bit about a miniature Lithuanian cottage kitchen I made for my mother. When I was a child she had a little cottage roombox that I used to play with, and gradually the little pieces came unglued and eventually it disappeared altogether. I made my own version of a cottage kitchen to make up for that broken one.

A few years after making that kitchen I found an ad in the back of the April 1947 issue of Good Housekeeping.

The price was $4.95, postpaid.

My mother passed away in late '08, and while clearing through her things, my sister found a cottage roombox tucked way back atop my mom's refrigerator. My daughter knew the story of the cottage I used to play with, and she wondered if the thing my sister found could possibly be it, so she took it home with her.
Well, my daughter finally remembered to email me a picture of it, and here it is, and yes, it is the cottage kitchen that I used to play with and thought I had destroyed.

At first I wasn't sure I recognized it. Then I noticed the little red candlestick laying next to the chimney, and I recalled the funny looking wooden structure on the left side wall. I never knew what it was supposed to be. It always looked like bunkbeds that had lost their bedding, and that's what I think they are. By the way, the table just happens to be resting on the door. The room was laying on my daughter's bed when she took the picture.
I'll be restoring this once I get my hands on it again.
And have you noticed? It looks like it was part of a series together with the one in the ad.

You can read about the restoration of the Lithuanian kitchen I made for Mama here.

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  1. I'm so happy for you to have that roombox! I remember reading about your making of the one for your mother. I thought it was too bad the one you had played with had not survived. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do with it when you get it.