Amos Gooch's Cottage - part 3, cabinets

Feeling on a roll, with some furniture ideas in my head, and the laundry all done, I spent some time in my studio.

Here’s the Michael’s hutch. I added a couple of nonworking drawers in the middle, where it originally had an open space. Also, I changed the knobs, and gave it a little “wear and tear”.
I sanded off some of the paint in strategic places, like around the knobs, and just below the upper cabinet doors where people might have put things down over and over as they arranged the plates and put things away. A few scuffs on the front corners and along the bottom front would be appropriate too.
I also decided to use part of another hutch to make a low cabinet to go under a window. It was handy, I had already used the top half on another project, and it was just the right size.
I flipped it upside down, using the base as the top, although I trimmed the overhang a bit. Here it is next to what became the blue cabinet as I was working on both of them.
Yes, I added a drawer façade to the low cabinet too. I use scraps of whatever I have handy to make false drawers. For the low cabinet I used a piece of L molding from the lumber yard.
I cut and sanded it to fit the space, then I made a cut to simulate a gap between “drawers”.
Next I applied some glue to the inside of the cabinet and inserted the L molding.
I also filled in the holes where the original knobs were.
I felt the cabinet needed some little feet. Sometimes I’ll use small wooden balls, but this time I chose bun feet. I can’t remember what these little bowl shaped things were called. I don’t think they were miniature bowls, though.
They do make dandy feet for furniture.

I still have to finish painting it and add the knobs.

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  1. Your little cabinet looks so perfect! Love the little feet! I'll be looking for some of that molding. It has great potential.
    Your close up photos are very nice and so helpful!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Very nice. I nearly added a few Micheal's hutches to my pile of yard sale items yesterday but then decided to keep them in case I actually decided to do something with them at some point. Your work is inspiring.


  3. Your hutch looks fantastic!
    I would also like to tag you in the 4x4x4 Photo Challenge...Choose the 4th photo in your 4th picture folder and post it, tell us about it. Then tag 4 more folks with the same challenge. You can read more about it on my blog if you'd like!