Amos Gooch's Cottage - part 4, interior

I was still working on a couple of furniture pieces as I ended the last post. Here’s a picture of one of them, the low, country red cabinet, also distressed.

I was also working on a small dresser. I had an unpainted dresser that had a gouge on one side, too much roughness on another side, and a couple of drawers that didn’t fit very well, so I decided to see if I could salvage any of it.
Below is a picture of a complete unpainted dresser, the upper part of the flawed one and some dollhouse molding. At the bottom of the picture you can see a section of molding that I cut from the longer piece. I trimmed off the scallops, and I’m going to use it to fill in the open bottom of the little dresser.
And thanks to the magic of digital photography, here it is, all finished. I painted it, and added painted wooden knobs.
I needed a bed to go with the dresser for the little girl’s room upstairs. I had a stash of several wooden beds I bought for 50 cents a piece a couple of years ago. The bed was too high, so I cut it down, closer to the floor, and painted it to match the dresser.
I’ve been adding furniture to the main room. I had wanted to include the firehouse chair. It would have been so right for a room like this, but 4 chairs were too many, and 3 different chairs didn’t look right either.
Although I really like this table, it just doesn’t look right to me in this room.

It doesn’t seem to matter what way I turn it, it just doesn’t look quite right. I think there may be too many legs in the picture.
I do have a round table, which does seem to give the room a better symmetry. It’s white, though. I could use the darker brown version, but I don’t think I want a dark table. I could wait for an oak round table, but I don’t want to. I’m on a creative roll here, and I don’t want to stop and wait for a new table that might be a little bigger. This table is part of Lee’s Line miniature furniture, and it’s just a little smaller than some of the other round tables that are available.

The round drop leaf table would be a good size, but it doesn't fit my mental picture of the finished room. The stands true for the square drop leaf table
I think I’ll spray the white table with primer, then paint it, either a golden blond color sort of like the chairs or maybe blue like the cabinet.

So, here sit our friends, Amos and Cap’, having a bit out of the jug. Cap seems to be intent on making his point clear. Amos seems to be more of a laid back kind of guy.
Oh yes, I’d like to introduce Star, Amos’s adopted daughter. Her room seems to be just right for her. She already has her own puppy and a wagon to pull. I think she wants to go berry picking.

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  1. Me encantan los mueblecitos, que pone, son preciosos.

  2. This is shaping up so nicely--I liked the square table as well as the round one personally but I know how it is to place things and then think something is not quite as it should be.