Amos Gooch's Cottage - part 5 a new table

Last time I was left with a table that was the right size and shape, but the wrong color. It was white, and the chairs were light oak. Now they're not.

Yes, that's the transformed white table and oak chairs. Originally I was thinking of maybe painting the table blue, like the cabinet. I went to get my can of spray primer, but I had none. I knew we had a can of regular brush on indoor latex primer, but once I got the lid off I discovered that it was full of rust, and no good to me at all. I was ready to paint, but had no primer.
I tried just brushing the paint on the table, but it didn't cover very well, and I knew I'd wind up painting several coats, and sanding, and probably wind up with a mess, but then I noticed something and it gave me an idea.
As I swirled the brush back and forth over the table, it left a pattern, a pattern that reminded me of a very common 19th century faux finish. I cleaned my brush and got out some pleasing looking brown paint.
I simply started brushing brown paint on the underside of the table, then, when the white was covered, I swirled and zigzagged the brush til I was left with a pattern I liked. I did the same thing to the pedestal. After the paint was dry, I found a tiny speck of white here and there, or maybe a section that I thought should have had a bit more color and brushed on a tiny bit more paint where I felt it was needed.
When the paint was dry, I sprayed on some Krylon Crystal Clear acrylic finish. I bought it recently, mainly because it would dry quickly, and I've only used it a couple of times, but so far I like it.
I waited a day or so and gave the underside of the table a gentle scratch test, and it passed, so I started painting the table top, and this is how it came out, once it was had a spray finish.
All I did was brush the paint on, zigzagging the brush back and forth all the way across the table, then I turned the table so I could zigzag the brush going across in the other direction. I let the paint dry, then sprayed on the finish.
I'll give the table yet another coat of finish later on.

I'd seen similar patterns in faux wood graining on 19th c. furniture, and if Amos could paint that pretty leaf pattern on the bedroom floor, he could certainly have painted this table during a cold Maine winter.
I painted the chairs the same way, only I decided to paint the spindles black for contrast.
You may have noted a couple of other additions to the room. There's a large pelican. I believe Cap' carved it as a gift. There's also a new oil lamp hanging over the table. Unfortunately, the manufacturer stopped making those lamps a year or two ago.

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  1. wow- I love how that turned out! The room looks great so far!! I love the black touch on the chairs too- I think a touch of black always makes a room look better :)

  2. beautiful table! love the paintwork!

  3. Just fabulous! It's a fantastic faux finish.

  4. Wow!! Just--wow!! I would never have thought of doing that. It looks fantastic!

    Julie Old Crow

  5. I love how the table and chairs turned out. WOW... I have a white table and I think I may try that.