About horseshoe hanging

I keep hearing from people that the horseshoe above the cabin door should be hung with the ends up, or good luck will run out.
I just rehung it the way it was in the first place, because there was a shadow of glue left on the wall.

I knew there had to be conflicting folklore about horseshoe hanging, because so many horseshoes are pointed downwards, not upwards.

On the subject of hanging horseshoes:

In depends on where you're from how they're supposed to be hung.
It seems that the horseshoe was associated with good fortune, period.

In some places, they say hang it upwards, so luck won't run out. In others, If it's upwards, the devil will find himself a seat above your door. In an old English tradition, bad luck could be aquired, but good luck could be taken away, so never hang your horseshoes upwards or bad luck will fill it up and enter your home.

Folklore says if you find a horseshoe, take it home with you for luck. On the other hand, if you find a horseshoe, throw it over your shoulder for luck.

There's lots more horseshoe folklore out on the internet, I won't repeat it all. It's pretty much like that old nursery rhyme:

See a penny, pick it up,
All the day you'll have good luck.

See a penny, let it lay,
Or bad luck will follow you all the day.

PS: I was just checking to see if I remembered the rhyme correctly, and it seems there are variations on the rhyme too. Picking up pennies could be good or bad, depending on cisrcumstances.

Some days you just can't win. My teenaged son doesn't believe in luck, period.


  1. This was interesting.
    I was raised in a small New Hampshire town and I never remember people having horseshoes over their doors...so what it meant alluded me until now thanks.
    I enjoy your miniatures so much! :)

  2. I agree with your son. :)
    Hang your horseshoe however you want!

  3. As for the penny ... we learned it as "See a pin and pick it up, all the day you'll have good luck." Go figure!

  4. Yo creo que supongo que cada país tiene sus constumbres, yo en España. en casas rurales las he visto Detrás de la puerta colgadas hacia abajo, pero supongo que eso no significa nada.

  5. In translation, Dora posted that the ones she has seen in Spain hang downwards.

  6. We hang them with the ends up, so the luck doesn't run out, lol. As for the penny--

    See a penny let it lay
    Bad luck follows all the day

    is how we say it. Of course, we're a pretty frugal family, and to leave a penny behind...never!

    Oh well! Interesting, isn't it!

    Julie Old Crow

  7. I guess it's to each his own, with the horse shoe hanging, then. I wonder what, if any, was the original story behind why a horseshoe is luck? My great grandfather was a blacksmith who made horse shoes among other things like nails, locks, door knobs/plates and hinges...etc. I'll ask my family if anyone knows and if I get an interesting tidbit, I let you know.

  8. I did do some checking, and it may be partly because they're made of iron, which was supposed to be related to good fortune centuries ago. Also, some good luck charms were in the shape of u shaped horns, something to do with some goddess. In some cultures, horses were considered lucky. So, put together horses, iron and a U shape and you get horseshoes, and good fortune.....so they say.

  9. Mmmm seams like no one knows the correct way,i used to hang mine facing down untill i read that the luck could fall out but how would it be able to fall out if it could not get in? however horse shoes are made for horses!!! is there a horse whisperer out there who could ask them on our behalf?....My friend tilts his to one side so the fairies have a seat to sit on, perhaps we all need a little luck now and again...Kind regards Rod (Lancshire)