Amos's Cottage - exterior

Yesterday afternoon I finished playing about with Amos's garden, and I wanted to get some pictures before the sun went down.
A few people thought there should be a seagull somewhere. Well, I bought some seagulls several years ago when I first got the idea for Amos's cottage. They've been hanging around waiting for a place to settle themselves ever since. One has settled atop Amos's roof.

Star has been playing at cooking in the side yard. She's been preparing a tasty leaf stew. I hope she remembers to pick up her toys before it gets dark.
I suddenly felt I just had to have some antique style lobster buoys, which were final items I added to the front yard. The other seagull is nearby. You might recognize the bird bath as New England Miniatures' HN142. The Victorian front yard just cried out for a birdbath.

The side of the cottage.

Here's a closer look at the lumber pile and the bouys.

To make the dirt, I first glued on some sand using a spray adhesive, just as I did for the sandy area in the front of the house. After brushing off the loose sand, I painted the remaining sand with brown paint. Some of the sand stuck to the paint as I went along, but it didn't matter, plenty of sand was left in place.
After the paint was fairly dry, I sprinkled a little more sand here and there. I thought I was going to need to spray on a little more adhesive to keep it down, but it turned out that I didn't need to.

Here's a closer look at the dirt.

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  1. Grazhina, it is great. All those little finishing touches just make the scene. I love the seagulls!!!!! Everything looks just perfect!

  2. What a fantastic house!
    I love all the tiny details and the garden is great.

    Hugs, Taenia

  3. Loverly Grazhina ! Good eye for details !
    Elly (Amsterdam)

  4. I love it, Grazhina, it's beautiful. Makes me miss Maine!

    - Grace

  5. Your Amos's cottage is wonderful,
    I love how you have set and how real it looks.
    Is a great work! Minikisses from Spain.Sonia

  6. You made Amos' cottage so beautiful, it makes me wishing I could visit them :))


  7. I found your blog via Kathi (Mini Blessings), as she referred to your tutorial on blinds. Now, quite some time later, I have read through most of your blog and I just wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed it, from repairing your old kitchen shadow box to the landscaping you do. I like to see lots of plants simulating 'something' rather than two 'perfect' ones begging for attention. Your gardens are absolutely perfect. I will definitely come back for 'more'. Thank you!

  8. I love this cottage! So many perfect little details!
    Thanks for your tutorial on making window blinds!
    I made some for my dollhouse living room and LOVE how they turned out!