Repairing mama's Lithuanian kitchen

Just over a year ago I posted how I had made a little roombox to replace my mother's little kitchen. The post. And here's the picture I had taken of it before I sent it to my mother.

I must have made it around 17 years ago. I hadn't had much experience with miniatures then.

Over time the little kitchen got pretty dusty, and after mama died I brought it home in my suitcase, wherein it met with a little rough treatment. The kitchen table collapsed, and the hood over the stove broke.
Today I did a bit of a cleanup, and glued the stove hood back together.
The table was giving me a hard time, and I still have to repair it. I had simply glued the legs to the table, and then the table to the floor. Now I have marks on the floor where the table legs were glued. The floor is grooved MDF, so a little of the paper came off, which means I should try and glue the legs exactly where they were, or I'll have to figure out how to hide the damage on the floor.
By the way, I have no idea how I came to have some grooved MDF for a dollhouse floor.
The kitchen was meant to be reminiscent of old Lithuanian cottage kitchens, in traditional log homes. Whether or not it's a good representation, I'm not truly sure. I did as much research as I could, and my mother said it reminded her of home, so it must be close enough.
Here's a closeup of my logs.
I have a feeling I got the logs when I got the grooved floor. I don't know if I bought them to make the kitchen or for something else I've forgotten about. Here's a front on view of the wall.

I glued the log molding onto both sides of a thin piece of plywood.
Here's the stove. The hood had some plates glued to it, I'll have to put them back, and maybe give it a new coat of paint. The front panel of the hood cracked. I thought about making a replacement piece, but decided against it, and just make repairs.
People used masonry stoves similar to this in many parts of Europe. There was one in a British movie set in medieval England, I've seen them in photos of old Lithuanian and Scandinavian houses, I even saw a couple in some photos taken within the last 10-15 years or so of women cooking in their cottages in what used to be Yugoslavia.
The hutch is one from Michael's. I guess we had a Michael's where I used to live 17 years ago. That or some other store was selling them too.
My mother loved to garden, so there are some flower pots on the top of the hutch. There's a couple of items behind the cabinet door, but I forgot to take a picture with the door open. I'll try to remember to take another picture of the hutch when I'm done the renovation.
The basket holds a bunch on tiny silk roses, since mama liked flowers. I filled the other half with a couple kinds of potatoes and carrots, made from Sculpey. I touched them up with paint to color them.
Here are the shelves, with painted on cloths. I also made some red apples for the bowl, and painted some woodenware. The finished miniatures I bought all came from Just Miniature Scale, a dollhouse shop in Greensburg, PA where we lived at the time. If you're ever in Greensburg, stop by and say, Grazhina says hi.

I doubt my townhouse crown molding will arrive today, so I'll fix the table next.