part 3 the cottage wash house

The insert is outside of the box.
I decided to add a bit of curve to the hood. Did you know you can sand styrofoam very nicely with a power sander? I shaped mine on my disc sander. It gave it a nice smooth finish.
An additional word about gluing styrofoam. Some glues work better than others. I used Weldbond, which is an all around glue that will work with many items. I originally found it mentioned on the website  This To That. To glue wood pieces together, though, I pretty much stick to wood glue.
The next picture is a closeup of the oven area and the top of the copper.
To make the copper I chose to use a wooden unpainted napkin ring.
I covered the styrofoam and filled in gaps with drywall compound. I've smoothed the compound somewhat, may need to add more here and there.

Continued here.....

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  1. This is so exciting to watch the progress. Thanks for posting the construction updates. :)

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