part 7 - a lattice window

I wanted a lattice window. I've used Gallery Glass to make dollhouse leading. I also have some fabric paint by Tulip that I got years ago, that works similarly to the Gallery Glass, but I didn't feel like using either of them for this project.
I found some nice screening and thought about using that, but it wasn't quite the right size, so I'd have had to go to the hardware store and maybe the builder's supply store to see if they had what I wanted. I remembered that I had seen plastic mesh at the crafts supply store, and wondered if it would be in the correct scale. I really didn't feel like going to stores and hunting through them for maybe hours (including driving time) when I remembered the clear dollhouse tile sheets. I was pretty sure I might still have some leftover from another project, and here it is.
I measured out the size of my window opening, and cut a piece of the plastic sheeting to size.
I then took out a marker, and started drawing atop the lines. You could also draw them on a sheet of plain acrylic if you wanted to. I wanted to have a bit of texture on my "glass", and drawing with marker over the raised areas of the plastic "tiling" gave me that, without the worry of the Gallery Glass or Tulip fabric paint clogging or blobbing. I hate it when my hand shakes a little. It always seems to when I need to draw a perfect straight line.
It also occurred to me that you could stick 2 sheets back to back and have the raised leading on both the inside and outside of a lattice pane window if you wanted to.
here's a closeup of the window, framed. I still have to fill in a few little gaps with putty or plaster, then paint the trim.
All of the molding on the window is made from bass stripwood.
Here's a picture of the room so far. There's still a bit of plaster on the sides of the timbers. I can either wipe some more off with water, or even better, since the plaster is smooth, dab some paint over it.
Ooops, I forgot about the plastering. I wanted lots of texture to the wall, so I needed to plaster.
Usually I'm inspired by a picture of a house or part of a room and take off from there, but this time I wanted to reproduce a picture of a room I found in a book. Later I'll show you the picture of the original wash house.

You can get the clear tile sheets from Model Builders Supply. You can see if there's a store in your country who carries their products by checking their 'retail stores' search feature under their information section. also sells these sheets. I have to admit I'm not sure if they're the exact same product. I think I bought mine through a few years before I started New England Miniatures.

Fran Casselman left a comment saying that yes, the tile sheet sold by is made by Model Builders Supply.
Thank you Fran! Thanks also to everyone who commented on the wash house so far!

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  1. se ve un escenario fantástico...

  2. I loved the window glass. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great tip. Thanks for sharing. The walls also look fabulous.

  4. These came out really nicely. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Hi, Grazhina; nice job!
    Yes the sheets sold by Hobby Builders Supply/ are from Model Builders Supply. FYI, for another look, they come in 1/2" scale too.

    Fran Casselman

  6. This is the third time I've been to this post. I keep sharing it with others. This turned out great with a very authentic look. Just wanted to say thanks for posting this technique!