1:24 half timbered cottage continued

I haven't posted progress photos for quite a while. Work has been progressing slowly. The exterior is pretty much finished. The pavers are all formed from Paperclay. I used an assortment of moss sheets, reindeer moss, painted sponges, and bits of dried or plastic plants for the landscaping. I had a little 1" scale daffodil style potted clay plant that I placed next to the porch, just removed the pot and "planted" it. I'll be taking some pictures of the whole exterior later.
As always, just click on the pictures to make them bigger.

On the left you can see the pony wall around the well of the cellar steps.  On the right is the cooking hearth. I won't be gluing that into place until later. I'll be needing to soot it up a little and it'll be easier to do if I can take it out.
I think the table came out nicely. No, I didn't do the carving. I found some laser cut wooden medallions in a craft store and stocked up on them, figuring I would find great uses for them. The carving on the table and the bed and shelf are all trimmed with medallion cuttings.

Have you seen those TV ads for Lazer Bond, the resin glue that hardens with UV light? I've discovered a handy use for it in miniatures. When I glued the little table together, there just wasn't enough area for a strong glue contact, and although the tabletop was glued to the carved supports, it tended to wobble a little. I dropped a tiny, tiny drop of the glue in the 4 spots where the curved top of the support met the tabletop, then cured the glue with the UV light. It worked like a charm. The tiny table is now securely put together, no wobble, and the tiny bit of clear glue is almost invisible.
I ran into a wobble problem with one of my little shelves and dabbed a tiny bit of glue there too. Remember, if you use the Lazer Bond glue on a miniature, you need to use the tiniest drop you can or it'll show up like any other glue. And don't forget, you need to be able to shine the light on it to harden it. 
In case you're not used to half inch scale miniatures, the table is 1 & 3/8" high.

I wanted a box bed with shelves on one end. It took me forever to come up with a bed design that I thought would work satisfactorily in half inch scale. I'd get an idea and would have to discard it because I couldn't find the right sized bit of embellishment I needed. I've found working in 1" scale so much easier than 1/2" scale. All too often I'd fiddle with this and that and wind up saying, "Nah, that's no good, try something else."
I did come up with some good ideas for a 1" scale box bed if I ever decide to make a room that needs one.

Well, that's it for now. I've got the idea for a simple little work table that'll go under the window by the door. I think I can make that next without too much fuss. I also want to make the old lady a chair to relax in after a long day where she can do some sewing or tatting or whatever. That will require quite a bit of fuss, I'm sure.


  1. The furniture came out so nice Grazhina, I love all of it! Thanks for the tips about the Lazer Bond too.

    I'm finding it difficult to work on 1/20th scale furniture for my Japanese house, so I can just imagine how difficult it would be to work in 1/24th!!!

  2. Hello Grazhina,
    This is wonderful. You did such a great job and it looks very realistic. the wood work is so beautiful and so accurate. Well done.
    Big hug