Half inch scale hutch and work table

A few days ago I made a little work table to go under the window, and today I finally finished making the little hutch.
Click on pictures to enlarge.

Working on 1:24 furniture drives me kind of crazy. I'll cut the pieces of wood, sure they're the same size, then I find that one's a hair longer or wider than its mate and I have to sand away  and watch that I don't sand the piece that was too big into a piece that's now too small.
 I did that, so I started over cutting a new piece. Fortunately, I only had to cut out a new piece once.
The back of the work table under the window went cattywumpus (off kilter - crooked - etc.) at the final gluing, but I decided it didn't matter as it was going to sit against a wall anyway, and it wasn't worth starting over with a new one.

Inside the base of the hutch is a small wooden block on which I've glued the various wood parts. I don't make drawers and cabinet doors that open, not even in my 1" scale pieces. I don't care if drawers and doors open, I'm after a look. Another reason is that I feel the doors and drawers on dollhouse furniture are just too chunky, even in Bespaq.

Here's a better view of the hutch and work table. The hutch is 2 & 7/8" high, the table is 1 & 1/4" high.

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