Need to make more 1/2" scale accessories

I've been trying to get the furniture finished so I could clear away all the little bits and pieces of wood and accompanying woodworking tools and stains, etc.

The chair in front of the bed isn't finished, it needs embellishment, which I'll be getting to as I work on accessories.
I'll still need to make a stool for the cellar, and might want to make another little table, shelf or cabinet, but they can wait till I get an idea of the future full effect later on.

Here are 2 views of the living room as it looks so far..

Here's the cellar.

I had almost finished gluing the work table together, needed to attach the last piece, when I noticed that end was a little crooked. I sat there for a moment, ready to attach the last tiny piece of wood to the glued areas on the legs and supports, and said to myself, the heck with it, and glued it on. I've seen several 18th and 19th cottage paintings that included a slightly off kilter kitchen work table, so I decided to feel ok about the flaw.

On to accessories!
Cottagers need baskets, bug baskets, small baskets, medium sized baskets.
I've got the big basket problem solved.

Yes, the gigantic yellow basket won't do, but the little baskets next to it make fine, big, laundry basket sized ones. I cut the upper parts of the big ones down to size, plus, I found I was able to squeeze the oval ones into round ones if I wanted to. Stain or paint was used to change the color.
Accessory-wise, I found a packet of jewelry bezel blanks that I thought would make an appropriate plate. I just snipped the little eyelet piece off.  A 1" scale bun makes a dandy loaf of round country bread.


  1. Hello Grazhina,
    It looks wonderful. the table is just perfect. What a great project.
    Big hug

  2. I love how it's turned out

    Marisa :)

  3. I really like it! The table is great! Love the design on the shelves to the right of the window!