April 12 - 2014 Reutter

This week we added 15 new 2014 Reutter miniatures to our website. Here's a sample.
Reutter's new kitchen hutch, in walnut. It comes with 2 sets of decorative papers as shown in the smaller displays.
Also new, this cute garden outhouse.
A pair of glass brandy bottles.

The Roseband dinner table set. There's also a new Blue Onion dessert table set.

The pastries work table is shown below.
You can also purchase just the work table.

For details, and to see the rest of our new additions, visit the 

Here's a link to the Reutter Porcelain North America website. Browse their catalog, and if you see something you want to order email me at grazhina@newenglandminiatures.com 

April 7 recently added items

First, back in stock this week:
AN542 Victorian piano from Aztec Platinum
AN478 Miniature tennis racket with ball
AN376 maroon leather love seat from Aztec Platinum
AN182 Black metal stove
ANS14  1:24 Jefferson tablet chair
HN248 Hobnail lamp in milk glass
HN208 Pitcher of iced tea
Also back in stock:
HN171 Monitor top refrigerator
AN434 Aztec Platinum Gryphon Library table
AN189 Aztec Platinum parlor sofa

New Items
Brass log box
Bistro set now in white

White metal baby buggy

mahogany spinning wheel

Changing table

white crib

White Victorian crib

Pine spinning wheel

Combination crib - dresser

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Back in stock 3/10

LN109 Lee's Line square basket
Bespaq's Wildflower bedroom pieces are also back in stock

new items & back in stock 3/3

Back in stock:
HN316 Pencil cup
ISN151 Gold fireplace set
RTN211 Wastepaper basket set
RTN107 Pipe & tobacco set
RTN214 Skirted side table
AN141 Barrel
AN477 White triple dresser

New items:
Reutter now offers their ice box with plain white tile panels, and you can fill it to suit yourself.
More 2014 Reutter items due around the beginning of April

The Marbury bed

From England, 18th century style tulip mug

Also from England, a half inch scale gardening set

From England, a half inch scale watering can.

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2 more items back in stock 2/11

KN117 pink & white granny square baby blanket
KN114 white crochet coverlet with pillows

New items - 2/10

First, what's back in stock today:
AN339 Aztec Platinum club chair with ottoman
AN377 Aztec Platinum Maroon leather sofa
AN410 Midcentury phone
AN392  4 poster bed

New Items - 
The flour bin hutch now comes in a pretty new shade of walnut.

Also new, 3 potboards or hutches in

and white

The Chianti 3 piece dining set
has a table and 2 benches

Or just the Chianti dining table

and maybe add some side chairs

We also have the Chianti arm chair

Here's how the table and side chairs look together
All sold separately

Also new, the Suzie side chair

and the Farmhouse side chair

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