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New England Miniatures

6/16 - back in stock & new items

Back in stock:
 RTN217 Reutter sewing machine with working fly wheel
MN163 lobster trap, made in Maine
MN165 fly swatter, made in Maine
all of our miniature rugs are now back in stock.

We've added a few more rugs. Many are runners to match rugs we already carry.
Also new - a wooden candle box

6/9 - New items & back in stock

Back in stock:

VN111 chess set
VN162 5" bass w case
VN175 15 pc yellow dinner set
VN156 small pitcher
VN155 celadon green pots
HN231 Victorian cookstove kit by Chrysnbon

Here are 3 of our new items:

New items & back in stock

Back in stock this week from Reutter:
RTN106 sushi set
RTN23 rose shade lamp
RTN 149 radiator
RTN24 blue & gold tea set
RTN57 cake work table "making desserts"
RTN 125 rose floral chair

AN353 flowered bath set
ANS02 1:24 unpainted work table
AN538 red bicycle
AN535 copper kitchen tools

New this week.....
Half inch scale porcelain bathroom sets from Reutter of Germany. 
We have white, shown above, a set decorated in blue and gold, and another with
a rose pattern.

We've added 2 more half inch scale Reutter tea sets.

Also new, from Aztec, 3 new nursery sets. Choose from 
white, oak or walnut.

The Elizabeth fireplace, shown in walnut, 
also available in mahogany.

For details on these and other new miniatures visit the 

Save - Many of our JBM fine miniatures are on sale at 40% off JBM's suggested retail price!

New England Miniatures

New & back in stock items

Back in stock:
BDN36 watermelon
BDN157 half inch scale lattice pie - very few available
BDN05 decanter with glasses 
BDN150 red swirl vase

NEW ITEMS...........Set of miniature ceramic nesting bowls

Set of blue green glass canning jars

Martha tilt top table by Bespaq, available in mahogany or walnut

Also by Bespaq, the Bailey sofa

April 12 - 2014 Reutter

This week we added 15 new 2014 Reutter miniatures to our website. Here's a sample.
Reutter's new kitchen hutch, in walnut. It comes with 2 sets of decorative papers as shown in the smaller displays.
Also new, this cute garden outhouse.
A pair of glass brandy bottles.

The Roseband dinner table set. There's also a new Blue Onion dessert table set.

The pastries work table is shown below.
You can also purchase just the work table.

For details, and to see the rest of our new additions, visit the 

Here's a link to the Reutter Porcelain North America website. Browse their catalog, and if you see something you want to order email me at