Finished pictures of Lithuanian Cottage

Today I finished scanning the rest of the pages of the 2010 Bespaq catalog for 1" scale. To see them click here, or the link in the right sidebar. You can enlarge the pages, just click the thumbnail, then click the full page image to enlarge it further. Use your browser's zoom control to see the images even larger. I know I always hated to buy miniatures just by looking at a tiny picture.

I also retook pictures of the Lithuanian cottage kitchen that I had made for my mother years ago. The last batch vanished when my computer crashed. It was a total loss, by the way.
Here's the room box, all spruced up, table glued back firmly into place.

Last time I forgot to take a picture with the cupboard door open to show what was inside. There's a wooden box on the top shelf. A screw eye stands in as a clasp, and a wooden bell painted with silver paint is below it.

On the table are preparations for a farmer's dinner, some bread, cheese, eggs ready to go into a pan, and dough rising for tomorrow's bread. The bread, dough, cheese and eggs in the blue bowl are all made from Sculpey.

Finally, here's the roof. These old cottages traditionally had thatched roofs, so I simulated one with drywall compound, aka: spackle or plaster. It's pretty rough looking, but it was just meant to give the suggestion of thatch. I think I used a whisk broom to mark up the plaster, then I painted it.

To see part one of the kitchen article, click here.

The Mahanoy City Lithuanian Miners Orchestra, of Mahanoy Pennsylvania, was an ensemble of Lithuanian immigrant coal miners. They recorded this medley of traditional Lithuanian village wedding tunes in April of 1929.

Press the first little arrow to play.