Half inch scale cottage

I've been working on my first half inch scale dollhouse. It's a small cottage, with a cellar. I imagine a witch living there, preparing her potions in her cellar.
The 3 walls haven't been glued together yet. They're set up in a jig with magnets holding them in place. I've been working on each wall in turn.

I placed a wooden panel into place where part of the floor goes, just to make the cellar portion a bit more "cellary" looking for the photo.
The front door does not open. After drilling two tiny pinholes in not quite the correct spots, I decided that since nobody was going to need to walk through the door, who cares if the door is glued shut? It was better than starting a whole new door. Obviously I still have to timber the other walls.

The little block of white painted wood on the right is going to become the European style hearth that the little old lady cooks her meals on. I decided to make a fireplace in the cellar, in case she needed to brew a big pot of potion, and I thought it made the space more interesting looking.
Here's a picture showing the wall with the fireplace. I painted the walls gray to get an idea of what the place would look like with stone walls. As you can see, I opted for the egg carton stones. When I'm all finished making the stonework I'll be painting them.

Here's a view of the side with the cellar steps - and below are the steps. I wanted the steps to take up as little room as possible, and miscalculated with my first set, They looked nice, but wrong, if you know what I mean. When I measured the treads I realized I had made them too small, so I made a whole new staircase.