1/2" scale cottage gets a fireplace and stove

The 3 walls still aren't all glued together, nor are they glued to any kind of floor, but the cellar walls have been stoned, and the cellar workshop has a smoky fireplace, with an ancient style masonry kitchen stove above it for the living space. The stove hood came out nicely, the actual stove needs a little work. I cut out the semicircle underneath where the stockpile of firewood will go, but it needs to be sanded and finished off.

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Oh yeah, the floor between the cellar and room above hasn't been installed either.
Here's a view of the kitchen stove.

I chose to do the cellar wall stonework in egg carton, then stained the stones in various shades of gray.

The next thing I have to do is cut some posts that will go along the steps in the cellar. They'll help support the low wall that will go around the staircase. Once I'm sure I've got everything figured out correctly I'll glue the final wall to the other 2 and then glue the walls to the cellar floor. I'm leaning towards a dirt floor. Originally I planned on stones, but then I thought a dirt floor would be more correct. I still might change my mind, though. I saw a great beat up old stone floor in an old painting and wanted to try it, but I can always save it for another project.