A Simple Bench

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  1. This post is perfect for me! I just bought a darling dollhouse that needs fixing up. I've been wondering how to make my own furniture for it. What on earth is a scroll saw or a band saw for that matter? Where do you find one?
    I thought balsa wood would splinter if you tried to cut it on an angle? Have you ever used an Xacto (sp) knife? How to keep from slicing your fingers when you are doing this??
    I love this little bench! Love the blue too!

  2. A band saw or a scroll saw are power tools, you can find them wherever they sell power tools. You have to be quite careful with them lest you cut off the tip of your finger!
    I've used X-acto knives, but not often, too slow going for me.
    Balsa can be great to work with for somethings, but not for everything. I did use it for some furniture pieces early on, but once I tried basswood it became my wood of choice for furniture.

  3. beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for this - especially for all your finishing tips. Lately, I've been finding finishing techniques to be even more important than building!

  5. Just love it! The basic ones are great and the longer one is my favorite :)

    Dutch greetings,

  6. What wonderful info! I am wanting to make some furniture and this will be a perfect start. I've only assembled kits and stained unfinished pieces.

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  7. Hi Grazhina,
    I just wanted to say thank you soooo much for your article on the bench, particularly the long bench. I have a picture of a table that I want for an alchemist's lair that is just the type you described except that the horizontal support extends through holes in the legs. You make me realize I don't have to search the internet and pay a fortune...I can make it from scraps! Thanks again, Jo

  8. Grazhina,
    I have an award for you at my blog. You can pick it up at http://random-aspects.blogspot.com/

    Your tutorials are wonderful! It is so generous of you to take the time to share your talent!


  9. Wonderful tut. I love when people share tutorials, tips and ideas.

    For some of my furniture and depending on what I am making I use thin wood that can be cut with a good pair of sharp scissors and shaped with sandpaper.

    For those of you who like myself enjoy TTT
    I have also made benches with foam as well, the kind used for fruit and/or meat as trays.

    If you like you can see a couple of them in my Trash to treasure album.

    Continue mini sharing everyone!

    Thanks again for this and all the tuts shared.


    Miniature Creations By Leilani

  10. Thank you for sharing your wonderful tutorials
    I wouldn't mind a real life size bench like that!


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