A Vintage Shadowbox from the 1940's

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  1. I like the rustic charm of this shadowbox, and I'm glad your mum didn't throw it away after all. I guess she removed it from your sight and gave you the impression it had been discarded so that you wouldn't ask for it and unintentionally damage it any further. Great that you are restoring it now.

    I like your 'extras': it is always fascinating looking at what was original with a house or a room box and what has been added by children playing. It just shows the imagination of the child who has brought things in to enhance a scene - this is certainly my experience of my Triang house, as many of the objects in the house were not intended for dolls houses but happened to be near the right scale or more or less the right shape http://dollmum.blogspot.com/2009/08/close-ups-of-indoors-of-triang-house.html. I look at them now and marvel at how much pretend play fun we had with simple finds.

  2. I also have one of those shadow boxes that I had to redo due to the placement in a kitchen. It got covered with the dirty greese through the years. It is now back in good shape and placed in another area, away friom cooking.
    I loved that shadow box for many years before it became mine. It belonged to my mother-in-law when I first saw it.

  3. Cool! Is yours one of the ones shown or different?


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