Colonial Kitchen Room Box

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  1. Hello Grazhina,
    The roombox is beautiful. You have wonderful pieces in there, but the star of the show really is the fireplace. Fantastic job re-working the finish.
    Big hug

  2. Hi Grazhina, I agree with Giac's assessment regarding the re-working of the fireplace- it looks Wonderful!!! I love the new Old Bricks and its authentic look of soot and ash.
    I also love the way in which you have furnished this roombox. I have been a fan of American Country for a very long time and think that you have not only made some lovely furniture but a very cozy and workable space for your busy little housewife.


  3. Hello, Grazhina - I, too, love the "made over" fireplace. The new color is ideal and makes a perfect setting for your collection of pots, pans, utensils - and that wonderful fireplace crane. Your makeover of the kitchen table was a clever idea, and the red finish sets it off beautifully. I also like the colors on the other furniture pieces; the hutch color makes a nice setting for all the pottery and pewter. The room looks very authentic and very livable. Nice work!


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