Half Inch Scale Alpine Dollhouse


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  1. What a creative way to "reuse" what would otherwise be taxing on our landfills! I think the thicker foam gives it a true "alpine" look! Good luck! Michelle

  2. Your Alpine house is FANTASTIC! I think that you are BRILLIANT in how you have not only recycled cardboard and styrofoam waste products but have totally Transformed them into the most Delightful and Welcoming tiny abode! Character and Atmosphere ooze from every corner
    and from top to bottom; and Bravo to you, for making a staircase which no one but you can see-I know that Geppetto Appreciates it Very Much! :D

  3. Amazing work, Graz! There is character and delight to be found in every corner and every angle and for those of us who love to crane our necks just to see a peek of detail your stairs are loved and appreciated! I can't wait to see what else you come up with for that lucky supply of builders foam in the attic!


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