Through a Doll's Eyes

Introducing Doll Frobisher, owner of the Bungalow. She’s a relative of Miss Emma Frobisher who has a very lovely cottage of her own. Some of you who are well aquainted with Miss Frobisher may see there is a bit of a family resemblance.
Everyone thinks Doll is short for Dolly, but Doll was named Dolley, after former First Lady, Dolley Madison, wife President James Madison.

Doll is quite proud of her lovely home, and has taken photos of the interior, so that you can see it exactly the way she does.
Doll’s porch is a lovely place upon which to pass an idle hour, where it's forever springtime.

This is the view from the side porch step, where Doll was standing.

And here we're getting a peek through the back window, into the kitchen.

And here’s the view looking towards that same window.

Standing in the kitchen, looking towards the shadowy dining room.

In the dining room now, looking out through the window.

Standing by the dining room window, looking toward the living room.

And in the doorway, looking back at the dining room. Uh-oh, someone forgot to dust the dining room table.

It’s dark beyond the living room front window, yet the sun is shining from the side of the house. How annoying it must be to have big people moving your house around.

Sometimes the afternoon sun comes through the front windows, sometimes the back window, you just never know where to put your plants.

Moving around to the library, do you ever wonder if dolls are miffed that a wall might be missing its baseboard? It does mess up the room’s symmetry when you’re looking at it from the inside, doesn’t it?

We’ve reached the top of the stairs now, and are looking down towards the front door.

And here’s a view standing in the bedroom looking towards the bathroom doorway.

We’re sorry, but that’s the end of the tour. Doll didn’t have time to tidy up and didn't want you to see the mess.


  1. Grazhina, I just signed on as your first follower. Congrats on the new blog. Sorry that you were having problems with the old one. I went through the same thing about a year ago. Welcome to Blogger. It's a fun place. Lots of miniaturists here. That was a very nice tour of Doll's house.

  2. Hi Grazhina. I'm glad you have joined blogger (I also am in the roomboxes group with you). I like sharing pictures here better than group as more people can see them and they can comment on them. I love seeing things through a dolls eye and I also try to use dolls whenever I can.

  3. I love the house! I've added your blog to my blog list. Love it!

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  4. Hi Grazhina - I remember when you decorated Doll's house. I believe we were in a huge swap on Club Little House. That was my start back into miniatures.